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It has been a while since I wrote a new blog and updated my playlist. This was due to busy times and a broken laptop. Now things are bit more quiet and I have a new laptop, yay! New blogs are coming and new music has been added to the playlist. On this last day of the month I have added the following 5 pieces for you to the Piano-blog
favourites playlist
 on Spotify: 1. Path 19 (yet frailest) – Max Richter In my previous blog I wrote about the ‘sleep concert’ I went to. One of the pieces, Path, really enchanted me. Path 5, on which the main role was for a soprano really touched me eventhough I normally don’t like vocals in classical music. Path 19 is one of the variations on this piece, only played on piano and viola (or violin?), my favourite combination!

2. Kereon – Yann Tiersen During the summer holidays I always tell myself that I have a lot of extra time which I can use to learn new pieces. I planned on learning this piece by Yann Tiersen. Unfortunately I could not spend as much time on it as wanted to. There were so many other fun things to do. Of course that is what summer holidays are for 😉

3. Für Alina – Arvo Pärt, Ralf van Raat Summer holiday is now over and normal live has started again. This means that in my city the monthly ‘Choral Evensongs’ (a traditional English church service) are organised. Last week during the service two pieces of Arvo Pärt were played/sung, which I really loved. That is why Arvo Pärt has to be in this playlist as well. I chose a piano piece which I love, performed by a pianist who’s concert I have attended 2 years ago.

4. Satyagraha: Act 3, Conclusion – Philip Glass, Bruce Brubaker Speaking of the summer holiday: at the beginning of this year I thought I could work on this piece during the summer. Maybe I have to wait a little longer, because this piece is quite a challenge…

5. Seven Sisters – Tori Amos This month I had the opportunity to see one of my favourite artists play live again: Tori Amos! Currently she is touring through Europe and she came to Amsterdam and Utrecht. I have even spoken to her during a meet & greet! I will write about this meet and greet soon. I asked her for a tip on playing piano which I can share with my readers and she was so kind to give me one. Keep an eye on this blog, the blogpost about this will be here soon. In the meantime you can enjoy this instrumental piece of Tori Amos.

Hopefully you like some of these pieces. If you have any suggestions for this playlist, please let me know!

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